5 Worst Towing Mistakes

Most people try the DIY approach now. It’s commendable because not everyone has the luxury to buy new things or avail the services of a company. There are a lot of DIY videos and tutorials available now which makes projects easier to do. If you’re one of those people who tow their loads on their own, there are towing mistakes that other people did that you should avoid doing. If you’re not confident enough, just hire the towing services in Fort Myers. The following are these mistakes.  

Towing Mistakes 

Not Knowledgeable About Vehicle Ratings  

Not every vehicle can tow. So when you want to tow a load or another vehicle, you should know if your vehicle is the proper one to use. A vehicle has its limit, and you should know what these are. Overloading a vehicle can cause damages and worst accidents. If you’re camping, you wouldn’t want this happen. Make sure that you look up first what are your vehicle’s ratings. Make sure that the hitch system you have also matched the towing specifications of the vehicle.  

The numbers are important, look it all up. There are number written on the owner’s manual and sometimes on the driver’s-side door. Know the difference between the GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, towing capacity and tongue weight.  

The GVWR or gross vehicle weight rating is the vehicle’s weight limit. This one includes the passenger’s weight, the vehicle’s weight, the accessories and the cargo. The GCWR or the gross combination weight rating is the maximum weight of the tow vehicle plus the equipment, loaded trailer, fuel, passengers and anything you like to carry. The GAWR or gross axle weight rating is the weight that the axle can bear. Its towing capacity tells you how much the vehicle can pull and tongue weight is borne by the trailer hitch.  

Unchecked Local Regulations 

Each state has different towing restrictions and laws. So if you plan to haul or carry a load across states, you have to do some research first. Most state will require safety chains and taillights; others require additional mirrors and special braking equipment. There are also state that has regulations on maximum towing speed, number of vehicles allowed to tow and the maximum trailer width.  

Forgotten Brakes and Wires 

This is probably one of the worst things to happen when one tows. If you’re planning to reduce your speed, your vehicle will take a while because of the extra momentum it has. It is primarily because of the load. So a separate braking system is required for the trailer. It doesn’t only improve control, it also helps the trailer to separate from the tow vehicle if needed. There are also wiring for turn signals, taillights, brake lights and reflectors that you should connect. Make sure they are not loose.  

Improperly Loaded Cargo 

Accidents happen because of an unbalanced load or cargo, so you should make sure that the vehicle is carrying an even load. Secure the load to keep the gravity low, this will avoid the vehicle from swaying and shifting.